We welcome your interest in becoming a member of this growing organization and helping us create an institutional center of mutual support, intellectual exchange and global understanding.  Our objective is networking and communication among anthropologists worldwide, thus it is important that as many anthropological associations as possible join us in this endeavour. 

Membership in the WCAA is open to national, regional and international associations only, not to individuals. Currently about 50 associations from every continent are represented. Each association nominates one delegate (usually the president or another member of the executive) to represent them on the WCAA. An alternative contact person should also be nominated.

Delegates meet regularly at most major conferences and in this way we have built an international community. We also have a full business meeting and election every two years, the next in 2018. Usually delegates are provided with funding for travel and expenses if they have no funding available themselves, with first priority given to delegates from developing countries.

Membership is free of charge, although contributions are requested from WCAA members to assist with the its many functions. Membership delivers significant benefits to delegates, as well as to ordinary members of their associations. These benefits are based on a reciprocal agreement, as outlined in the constitution of the WCAA.

Application process

We require a letter of application from the current president of your association, simply asking for admission and agreeing to abide by the terms of the WCAA network as set out in the WCAA constitution.

The letter should be addressed to Carmen Rial, the current chair of the WCAA, but sent by email to both Carmen Rial – rial(at) and Michel Bouchard – dr.bouchard(at) for processing. We also ask for a copy of your constitution, code of ethics (if any), and a brief statement (1-2 pages) about the history, mission, main activities, size and membership rules of the association in English. 

Each application is subject to a vote of admission by all the current members of the WCAA.  We try to act on your application as soon as possible although the process can take up to six weeks.

If you have any other questions, please contact Michel Bouchard – 

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