Being Successful on Social Media as an Academic – Make your Voice Heard by a Broad Audience

Workshop abstract 
Do you want to become active in open science, science communication, and public outreach? Share your research with a broad audience? And wonder where to start and how to do it?

In this workshop you will learn about the best social media platforms for sharing your individual content, to develop a strategy for your successful public outreach, and start growing and maintaining your community.

To do so the workshop is structured into three sessions, each consisting of a theoretical part and a practical part. The first two sessions also include homework.

Registration required by January 31, 2023:


Open Science, Social Media, Science Communication, Public Outreach, Strategy, Getting Started

Name, affiliation and contact details of the workshop leader

Dr. Kirsten D. Dzwiza
Independent scholar affiliated to the Egyptological Department at the University of Heidelberg, Germany



Qualifications to lead such a workshop

Dr. Dzwiza is an archaeologist with a research focus in ancient Egyptian, Greek, and Roman magic and ritual practice. She worked for 6 years in post-doc positions at the Egyptological department of the University of Heidelberg and the Historical department of the University of Erfurt and received a 3-years grant from the German Research Foundation for her studies of ancient magic signs.
Dr. Dzwiza makes academic knowledge accessible to a broad audience on her blog and via her social media channels. With the support of her community she successfully crowdfunded the writing of two of her academic books on Kickstarter to make them available for free.

The language of the workshop


The length of the workshop and the number of sessions

3 Sessions, approx. 5.5 hrs. altogether.


Number of participants (min.-max.)



Plans for homework that participants would do at, or between, sessions of the workshop

Yes, details will be given during the workshop.


Platform which will be used to conduct a workshop



Participants’ requirements: specific competences, skills or equipment

Desktop computer or mobile device with internet access, a microphone and a mobile phone which is necessary for verification when setting up an account on social media platforms.

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