Financial support

Members support

The costs of the WCAA’s activities are to be borne by the member associations who have agreed the following approach to funding:


  1. All member associations contribute financially, to the best of their ability.
  2. No member association shall be excluded or disadvantaged by its financial limitations, except that.
  3. Those able but unwilling to pay contributions will forfeit their right to vote on matters pertaining to the WAU constituency.

Relevant criteria

1. Size – i.e. Number of members in the association

2. Economic Strength, as measured by annual membership fee rates or total membership fee income

3. Any other specific/local factors affecting finances of the association, including national income levels, exchange rates and other contextual variables

4. Caps apply for very large associations

5. As a supplement to, but not normally in place of, the monetary contributions listed below, the WAU gratefully receives voluntary in-kind contributions from member associations, in the form of conference registration fee waivers to official WCAA delegates, donations of in-kind assistance and local hospitality when a delegates’ meeting is taking place in the home country of a member association, and so on.

The ideal solution would be a sliding scale based on variables derived from these criteria. However, as this would be mathematically complex and administratively burdensome, we are requesting instead that member associations engage in a self-assessment, based on the principles and factors above, to allow them to place themselves in one of the four levels given below:

Associational Member fees

  • Level 1 (large and strong associations): USD $1 / individual member; Cap £3850 (~USD$5000)
  • Level 2a (large but not strong associations): USD $0.5 / individual member; Cap £2675 (~USD$3500)
  • Level 2b (small but strong): USD $0.8 / individual member; Maximum £305 (~USD $400)
  • Level 3 (small and not so strong): USD $0.4 / individual member; Minimum £30 (~USD $40); Maximum £153 (~USD $200)
  • Level 4 (really limited circumstances): Token payment based on association’s capacity to pay; Suggested minimum £15 (~USD$20)


Large = an association with more than 500 members

Small = an association with less than 500 members

Strong = individual annual member fees greater than $50 pa or access to other funding sources (typically associations in higher income countries)

Not so strong = individual annual member fees of less than $50 pa and no access to other funding (typically associations in lower income countries)

Very limited circumstances = associations with very low overall income (evidence is required)

Member = any employed member who was a paid-up member for the purpose of the preceding financial report of the association, irrespective of their income. Where fees for employed members are graded along an income-based scale or otherwise distributed across tiers, the average fee per employed member needs to be calculated. Student, retired or other non-employed members’ fees are exempt and need not be included.

Cap = set (rather than calculated) maximum amounts, as stated above.

Maximum = calculated by multiplying number of members and annual member fee.

How funds are used

Funding received will be used for the routine maintenance and hosting of the WCAA website over the coming year, and for the support of travel of delegates from disadvantaged countries to our biennial meeting and in some cases to interim meetings.

How to make your payment to the WCAA

**Please note that the WCAA's Australian based bank account is no longer operational** Please make a transfer using the details below:

Account name: WCAA
Bank name: Co-operative Bank
Address: Balloon St, Manchester, UK
IBAN number: GB63CPBK08929965790779
Swift code: CPBKGB22
Account number: 65790779
Sort code: 089299
Currency: GBP

WCAA Registered Office: c/o RAI, 50 Fitzroy St, London W1T 5BT, UK.

Please note that the payment should be received as GBP, but you should be able initiate the transfer in your currency.

If you are able to give a reference, please give at least your association acronym.

On making the transfer please email admin(at), with subject “Payment of WCAA contribution by bank transfer” so as to help identify your payment.

We do not have a preferred transfer system but sites like Transferwise can make it simpler.

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