WCAA Publishing Council

The WCAA Publishing Council (PC) was created in 2020 with the purpose of managing WCAA publications, as well as proposing new types of publication and improving the promotion of existing ones. 

The principal aim of the PC is to disseminate the world’s anthropological work. The PC facilitates, promotes and encourages publication of articles and special sections in open access journals whether of the WCAA, of its member associations, or elsewhere, respecting the guidelines of the journals involved.

It is also a goal of the PC to transform content from WCAA webinars and interviews into outright publications, and to collaborate with the francophone dictionary/project Anthropen and other publications wanting to connect to the WCAA, and that have been approved by the Organising Committee of the WCAA. The PC also suggests principles and well-regarded processes for the editors of journals around the world. The PC is currently composed of Michel Bouchard, Virginia Dominguez, Ricardo Fagoaga, Monica Heller, Gordon Mathews, Emily Metzner, and Carmen Rial (Chair of the PC).

Emily Metzner – Chair
Michel Bouchard

Gang James Cheng

Ricardo A. Fagoaga
Monica Heller

Carmen Silvia de Moraes Rial

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