Call for proposals – WAU Online Workshops

WAU, World Anthropological Union, is calling for proposals for WAU Online Workshops. Specifications are as follows:

    • Workshops are conducted by 1 or 2 people on specific practical topics. Registration is required for workshop participants.
    • All workshop participants need to be members of either IUAES or associations that belong to WCAA. When a person is chosen to co-lead a workshop and that person is not already a member of IUAES, WCAA will pay for that person’s membership in IUAES for one year.
    • If chosen, a 4-Year waiver of IUAES membership and a £300 voucher for registration for future IUAES congresses held within four years for the workshop leader(s) will be awarded.
    • Workshops are 2-3 hour long, and could be conducted as a series of 2 or 3 workshops.
  • The WAU Task Force select the workshops from those proposed. We expect to offer 4-6 workshops a year.


WAU Online Workshops should be for teaching/training of participants. For example:

Writing for a non-anthropological audience; Making short films on your phone; Field recording employing audiovisual advanced methods; Employing art-based research methods in anthropology; Doing collaborative ethnography; Doing advocacy in/through anthropology; Teaching anthropology to non-anthropologists; Doing journalism using anthropological training; Making anthropology visible in social media; Organizing international seminars and meetings, including virtual and hybrid conferences; Applying for research grants; Online teaching; etc.


Submit proposals to:

Natalia Bloch:  nbloch[at]

Virginia R. Dominguez:  dominguezvr[at]

Junji Koizumi:  koizumi[at]

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