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De-colonizing Anthropology WAU – World Anthropological Union Webinar Organized by the World Council of Anthropological Associations (WCAA) Tuesday, November 28, 2pm UTC 12 am, Australia (November 29); 10 pm, Hong Kong; 4 pm, Egypt, Palestine & South…

Findings from the “Making Anthropology Global” Task Force: Comparing the Situations of Anthropologists Around the World

Register in advance for this webinar:   This webinar consists of six anthropologists briefly describing the situation of anthropology in their own societies: Shannon Morreira (South Africa), Gonzalo Diaz…

CALL for proposals for annual WAU Anthropology Congresses

This is an open call for organizing and hosting Annual WAU Anthropology Congresses  (next available date in 2024). Proposals are welcome at any time but the WAU Steering  Committee much…
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