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CALL for proposals for annual WAU Anthropology Congresses

This is an open call for organizing and hosting Annual WAU Anthropology Congresses  (next available date in 2024). Proposals are welcome at any time but the WAU Steering  Committee much prefers receiving proposals for annual anthropology congresses at  least 12 months in advance of the proposed congress dates. Please consult all details  of this call for proposals, and write to the following: IUAES President (Junji Koizumi) at  koizumi(at) and WCAA Chair Isaac Nyamongo at inyamongo(at)

Annual Congresses: 

WAU Congresses (previously known as IUAES Inter-Congresses) are held in the years between  World Congresses. There need not necessarily be only one WAU Congress a year, but the  WAU Steering Committee will oversee general coordination about dates and themes. In case a  proposed conference only partially fulfills the conditions for it to be treated as a WAU annual  Congress, the WAU Steering Committee may approve the proposed conference not as a WAU  Congress but as another form of meeting. All decisions on the host, location and other matters  concerning WAU Congresses will be made by the Steering Committee of WAU. 


Please note that annual Congresses are held, hosted or organised by national/regional  anthropology associations, by universities or institutions of the country, by WCAA Task Forces,  or by one or more than one IUAES Commissions. We welcome proposals from anthropology or  ethnology associations, organizations or institutions as well as proposals submitted by WCAA  Task Force chairs and IUAES Commission chairs. The WAU Steering Committee very much  appreciates and encourages all anthropologists’ participation in the intellectual activities of the  WAU. Demonstrated commitment to anthropology and academic quality of the proposed  Congress are given the highest priority in considering proposals. Adequate rotation of venues  between continents is also a consideration. 


All proposals must include a formal letter of proposal according to the guidelines provided below.  Proposals will be carefully examined and assessed and the WAU Steering Committee will be in  contact with the proposers if there is any need for clarification. Before a proposal is approved by  the WAU Steering Committee, the organisers will be expected to make a presentation to the  WAU Steering Committee. That presentation might be in person or online, depending on  circumstances.  

IUAES Inter-Congresses (in the past) 

Amsterdam, Netherlands (1981); Lisbon, Portugal (1990); Florence, Italy (1995); Linkoping, Sweden  (1996); Perth, Australia (1997); Beijing, China (2000); Gottingen, Germany (2001); Tokyo, Japan  (2002); Calcutta and Ranchi, India (2004); Pardubice, Czech Republic (2005); Cape Town, South  Africa (2006); Antalya, Turkey (2010); Perth, Australia (2011); Bhubaneswar, India (2012); Chiba, 

Japan (2014); Bangkok, Thailand (2015); Dubrovnik, Croatia (2016); Ottawa, Canada (2017):  Poznan, Poland (2019). 


Please submit your proposal giving information on the items below There is no submission  form. 

If inadequate information is provided, the WAU Steering Committee may not consider the  proposal. 

  1. General information 

The month and year in which the proposed congress will occur; the city and country 2. Information about the proposer 

Names of the person/s responsible and of the proposed congress convenor; those persons’  titles/positions and institutional affiliations; their office addresses, phone numbers (with country  codes) and e-mail addresses.  

  1. Organization of the congress 

Name of the host organization (national organization and/or academic institution); name(s) of the  WCAA Task Force, if the proposed congress is to be organized by one or more of the WCAA  Task Forces: name(s) of the IUAES Scientific Commission(s), if the proposed congress is to be  organized by one or more of the IUAES Commissions; names of supporting or cooperating  anthropological associations or institutions (of your country/region) – with evidence of that  support; names of supporting or cooperating international associations or institutions – with  evidence of that support; names of the members of the local organizing committee (the body  ultimately in charge of organizing the congress, in close collaboration with the WAU  Steering Committee). 

  1. Academic plans 

Conference theme/topic; the intended objective for holding the proposed congress; plans for  calls for panels/papers; plans for publication of proceedings, books and so forth, if already  committed. 

  1. Details of proposed congress 

Proposed date of the congress; type of congress (hybrid or online only); proposed venue  (for hybrid congresses); expected number of participants; the reason why the proposed location is a good one for a WAU congress. Please know that the WAU is particularly  interested in invigorating local development of anthropological scholarship in various  regions of the world. 

  1. Finance 

Names of agencies or organizations likely to provide financial support; availability of grants,  subventions and other financial resources; availability of travel subsidies for colleagues from 

low-income regions; expected registration fees; a statement of commitment that all congress  participants will be required to be individual members of the IUAES or members of the member  associations of the WCAA, and that the congress organizers will collect IUAES membership fees  and remit that fee income plus the income from any premium that non-members of the IUAES or  of WCAA member associations are charged; a statement about responsibility in case the WAU  World Congress or WAU annual Congress suffers a financial loss or produces a financial  surplus. All financial losses will be the responsibility solely of the congress organizer and WAU  will not be liable in any way. A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) document will be signed  once the proposal has been approved (a template MoU is available on the WAU website).  

  1. Local information 

Weather and climate; information on tours and planned excursion, if any; types of available  accommodation and its costs; visa requirements.  

  1. Other 

Related events; experience in organizing large-scale (inter)national conferences; present state  of preparation for the proposed congress; other relevant information.  

Submit necessary information with your letter of proposal to: IUAES President (Junji Koizumi) at koizumi(at)] 

WCAA Chair Isaac Nyamongo at inyamongo(at)

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