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Anthropology and Artificial Intelligence

Anthropology and Artificial Intelligence
WAU – World Anthropological Union Webinar
Organized by the IUAES & WCAA

Clara Saraiva
WCAA/ ICS-Universidade de Lisboa

Felipe Fernandes
IUAES/ Universidade Federal da Bahia

Michel Bouchard
WCAA/ University of Northern British Columbia
Web Mediator

Leah Junck, Journal Anthropology Southern Africa (editor in chief)
Maja Hojer Bruun, Aarhus University, Denmark
Amine Alaoui Soulimani, HUMA-Institute for Humanities in Africa
Divine Fuh, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Natalia Orrego, Latin American Network of Digital Anthropology
Azza M.B. Ahmed, HUMA-Institute for Humanities in Africa

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